30. Januar 1961



The Udo Jurgens recording, "Jenny", which won him the first prize in the Belgian Song Competition in August 1960, has been issued on the American market with an English lyric. Jurgens is also composer and lyricist of this tune.




6. März 1961



Udo Jurgens, who became an overnight star by performing his own song, "Jenny", on Belgian TV, sang at the yearly TV-ball in Antwerp. An English recording of this song (also sung by Udo) was made for U.S. release.




24. April 1961





"Freunde Fur's Leben" is the title of a new filmusical starring Gus Backus, Peter Weck, Ted Herold and Udo Jurgens. Music is composed by Johannes Fehring. Franz Antel directs the pic in Vienna, the story of a dance band.




15. Mai 1961




[...] On June 2, a Belgian teen-ager festival will take place at the new Rogierbuilding in Brussels with teeners such as Dan Ellery, the Jokers, the Sputniks, the Cousins, the Seabirds, Bob Rocky, Pete Monti, Jenny Rimini, Will Tura, Lieve Olga and Cecily Forde participating. Other big European names such as the Allisons, Conny, Udo Jurgens, Richard Anthony and many more will be invited to participate.




19. Juni 1961



The Philips-Fontana stars, the Blue Diamonds, torched pop music fans at the Vienna Stadthalle June 13 (12,000 seats) with their newest hit, "Ahoi Ohe" (Are You Sure). They are going on tour through Austria with Polydor stars Inez Taddio, Gus Backus and Udo Juergens.




14. August 1961



Teen-Age Festival

Another big teen-age festival will take place on Monday, August 14 at Zeebrugge at the Belgian coast. Top stars there will be: German teen-age idol Conny; Udo Jurgens, with his own composition, "Jenny"; Los Machucambos, with their hit, "Pepito"; Los Amadores, who also hit the chart with "Maria Magdalena Cha Cha"; Will Tura, our leading young flemish vocalist; the Cousins.




25. September 1961



An international show package is on tour in Germany from September 29 'till October 22: Munich's Max Greger big band, Austria's Lolita, U.S.A.'s Gus Backus, Sweden's Lil Babs, Europe-s top jazz singer Inge Brandenburg, Germany's Ted Herold, Udo Jurgens, and Peter Steffen.