9. Januar 1971



German artist Udo Jurgens opened at Civic Theatre, Dec. 14 .





24. April 1971



Udo Juergens will play six concerts in Holland, from April 30 - May 8 .




15. Mai 1971



Ster Records Move Offices


Ster Records has moved its entire head office, administrative offices, central sales organization and stores under one roof.
The company's new head office, Sterecord House, will officially be opened to coincide with the fourth anniversary of Ster Records.

The building, in the heart of the Johannesburg music world, will also house Ster's publishing arm, Contrast Music (South Africa), as well as the head office in South Africa of its associated publishing and promotion company, Edition Montana (S.A.) (Pty), Ltd.
The company claims the office section is unique in that one office has been specially set aside and furnished especially for the company's top recording artist, Udo Jurgens, for him to use when he visits the Republic from Germany.




22. Mai 1971



Twelve artist have so far been signed for the Internationale Funkausstellung (Aug. 27 - Sept. 5) -
Lulu, Nancy Wilson, Gilbert Becaud, Ray Charles, Ivan Rebroff, Facio Santillan, Daliah Lavi, Severine, Roy Black, Udo Jurgens, Shocking Blue, Henry Mancini.




29. Mai 1971



Udo Jurgens undertook a very successful Dutch tour during the second half of May. Local AVRO-TV produced a special one-hour show featuring Jurgens on May 29 .




26. Juni 1971



The eight-concert Dutch tour by Udo Jurgens in May was a tremendous success, culminating in a final concert in the Concert Hall, Amsterdam. During the tour, Jurgens made a special TV program for AVRO/TV. The singer was presented with the Edison 1970 Award for his "Das goldene Udo Jurgens album" whilst taking part in the TV Show.




28. August 1971



Top Artists On German TV


West Germany's ZDF TV station is to present a series of major TV shows - starring leading televison personalities - this fall. The shows will star Vicco Torriani, Roy Black and Udo Jurgens. Rival station ARD will compete with a series featuring Daliah Lavi.
The three-program Udo Jurgens series will be jointly produced with Austrian Television, and will also feature Nancy Wilson, Gilbert Becaud and Leonard Bernstein in performances of his music from "West Side Story".
Recordings will probably take place in Rio de Janeiro and Moscow. [...]




18. September 1971



Rio Festival Gets New Sound, Lighting System


Brazil's Sixth Annual Popular Song Festival will start with improved sound and lighting systems which have been installed in the Maracananzinho stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of 25,000 and has been coverted into one of the world's largest auditoriums.
Last year director Augusto Marzagao postponed the festival for three weeks because of delays in repairing the stadium damaged by fire during carnival.
This year the Brazilian song competition will be held Sept. 24 - 26 . The international competition will be held on Oct. 1 - 3.

The U.S. will be represented with a song composed by Chris Mancini, arranged by his father, Henry, and postponed by the Rocky Horse Group. Patty Bravo represents Italy; Tonisha, Portugal; Samantha Jones, U.K.; Rocky Sharan, Pakistan; Nick James, Ireland; Katja Ebstein, West Germany; Erick, Austria; Palito Ortega, Argentina; Castro Brothers, Mexico;  The Marmalade, Scotland; Fuji Iasuko, Japan; Henri Des, Sweden; Joceliny, Luxembourg; Ilanit, Israel; Gabriel Jared, Lebanon; Marisa, Chile; Radoika, Yugoslavia.

The judges include Virna Lisi of Italy, Lucho Gatica of Chile, James Last of West Germany, Udo Jurgens of Austria, Shirley Bassey of England, Piero of Argentina.

The Brazilian competition will have 40 entries - 23 songs selected on merit and 17 songs to be written by well-known composers. The 23 songs chosen by a committee are by relatively new composers. The well-known composers, chosen by a group of music critics, include Tom Jobin and Chico Buarque de Holanda, Egberto Gismonti, Taiguara and Marcos Vale. The popular, established composers were called on to insure quality and acceptation by the highly critical Brazilian audience.

Sound engineer Adolf Kitzinger promised the latest equipment with an audio table of 24 incoming channels and 4 outgoing.

2. Oktober 1971



Udo Juergens is preparing for a tour of Japan, according to Montana. A contract has been signed between Montana and Nippon Grammophon which would mean Jurgens would visit Japan for several years. Jurgens' first Japanese releases - in both Japanese and English - will be made at the beginning of next year to tie in with his first tour there at that time.




9. Oktober 1971



Edition Montana has confirmed that the first musical to be written by Udo Juergens will be presented in Vienna this month. Juergens' musical - "Helden" ("Heroes") - is based on Bernard Shaw's comedy of the same name. Leading role in the musical will be taken by young German singer-actor Michael Heltau.




16. Oktober 1971



The Sad Outlook For German Copyrights


[...] Another leading composer identified with West Germany is Austrian Udo Juergens whose talent has benefited from shrewd exploitation by publisher and manager Hans R. Beierlein. In fact Beierlein's Edition Montana is one of the few in Germany to produce copyrights which succeed on the international market.