19. Februar 1977




Ariola's Udo Juergens produced a 90-minute tv show "Udo Live '77" with the Supremes, for German transmission on March 12, and he is touring around the same time.





GERMAN TV HIT - 6 Added To Music Series

Through 1977 ZDF, the Second German TV network, is to show six more programs in the "Music is Trumps" series with Peter Frankenfeld. Started two years ago, it has proved the most successful entertainment format so far produced here.
All 12 shows in 1976 achieved very high audience ratings, and some have been broadcast live in Austria and Switzerland. This year, every edition will be transmitted live by Austrian and Swiss networks.
This year also sees the continuation of a successful link: ZDF has given Cologne EMI rights for the musical production of all shows in the series. Two other EMI AV shows were put out by ZDF, one of which was "Schone Heimat, schone Lieder", studio-produced with inserts of German landscape shots.
The musical side was done in Cologne under the direction of Ralf Bendix and Erich Becht, with choirs singing country songs corresponding to the different seasons. Choirs involved were Tolzer Knabenchor, Bielefelder Kinderchor, Betho-Lucas-Chor, MGV Bleifeld, the junior Vera Schink choir and the Karlheinz-Steinfeld-Chor.
Last New Year's Eve, EMI AV produced the show "Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los", broadcast by ZDF from the Rhein-Main-Halle in Wiesbaden, and in January EMI Electrola released a double album featuring recordings from the show. Artists included Michael Schanze, Peggy March, Gitte, Marlene Charell, Alice and Ellen Kessler, Heino, Udo Juergens, Roberto Blanco, Peter Kraus, Vico Torriani, Chris Howland, Lou van Burg, the Hot Dogs and the Hugo Strasser Orchestra.




3. Dezember 1977




Melodie der Welt


In the first half of 1977, Melodie der Welt  topped the bestselling list of German music publishing companies with a total of 2947 points, followed by Edition Intro/Meisel in Berlin with 1597 points.
Johann Michel, on of the most distinguished publisher personalities in the German industry, has set up a Frankfurt based team, under the management of Wolfgang Mewes and Paul Lenz which has gained international confidence and understanding.

During 1977 many top international artists, writers and publishers have build business links with Melodie der Welt.

Michel says: "To mention just a few, there is Famous Music of New York, on of the biggest companies in the world. American super-Group Santana now works with Melodie der Welt.  From France there is Gilbert Becaud and from the U.K. there is Panache Music, which has produced from Nazareth and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

And it is an open secret that Udo Juergens, the most succesful composer and artist in the German language, is starting an exclusive deal with our company."

The basis for Melodie der Welt's  success over the years stems from copyrights from such catalogs as Rak/Chinnichap, Island Music, Martin-Coulter Music, Red Bus Music, Manticore (from the U.K.) and Bourne Music, Tree, McCartney Inc., Blue Seas/Jac Music (Hal David and Burt Bacharach), from the U.S.



Company Roundup - Montana


Activity for the Montana company in 1977 started early. In the first week of January, the ZDF, second channel of the German television network, along with Montana, presented the first Udo Juergens tv spectacular, and it was hailed as "the show of the Eighites".

It was a 90-minute live performance by the entertainer and it proved so popular that "Udo Live '77" had to be shown again just three months after the original screening. The album, released by Ariola under the same title, was a bestseller.

Montana arranged more than 1,500 concerts in all parts of the world for Udo Juergens including the unequalled "world record" of 266 concerts in the "Udo '70" series. There have also been 600 tv performances and record sales of more than 50 million. His degree of popularity in the Federal Republic of Germany reached an incredible market research limit of 99% "acceptance" and two-thirds confessed to being his fans.

Hans R. Beierlein, Montana chief, says: "We say that a breakdown of the promotional activity given over 14 years to Udo Juergens is not just a tribute to the two partners, but it has to be taken as an unequivocal criterion for the whole business."

But Juergens apart, Montana has set out to build popularity for the French chanson on the German market. Though the main effort was put into the German careers of Adamo, Gilbert Becaud and Dalida this year, much time was given over to establishing singers of such different styles as Jean Ferrat, Michel Sardou, Daniel Gerard, Michel Fugain, Demis Roussos and Daniel Guichard. A revival of interest in Jacques Brel will also bring strong reaction from the German market.





Recent visiting artists to Vienna include: Pussycat, Boney M, Ray Stevens, Udo Juergens, Johnny Cash, with the Carter Family, Joan Baez, Reinhard Mey, the Beatles Revival Band, Charles Aznavour, Marek and Vacek, Margot Werner and Canto de Cantares.




10. Dezember 1977



Juergens Eyes American Mart

Austrian-born singer Udo Juergens, now resident in Zurich, is on a career-building tour of Canada and the U.S. It marks the start of a long-term plan to break out in English-speaking territories.
With him is the Pepe Lienhard Band, a six-piece group from Switzerland. Juergens and Lienhard are teamed for the first time through their co-manager, Freddy Burger.
Prior to leaving Switzerland, Juergens hosted a party to promote his new album "Lieder, Die Auf Reisen Gehen", and to renew his contract with Ariola-Eurodisc AG for five more years on a guarantee of around $ 4.8 million. His North American tour ends Dec. 12 in Chicago.




17. Dezember 1977




Austrian Pop Show Marks Anniversary

The 10th anniversary of top Austrian pop program "Oe3" was celebrated on television here with a gala performance.
Series producer Ernst Grissemann presented the show, which featured Marianne Mendt, Georg Danzer and Wolfgang (with a nostalgic look-back), French singer Mathias, and Gerard Kenny. International acts included Lorna Luft, Roger Whittaker, Udo Juergens and chart duo Baccara.